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About Us

At Eco Kinder our mission is to provide tried and tested, eco-friendly products for your kids to enjoy, play and learn using their senses.
We believe in Building a Kind Future.
Behind the scenes; Is me, Marissa, I’m a mum of 4 amazing, crazy yet beautiful kids, 3 Chickens and a dog, and I’m a self-confessed ‘eco warrior’, I cannot walk past rubbish so you’ll often see me tidying playgrounds.
I am really interested in unravelling the minds of our kids and understanding the development stages they are going through. Inspired by one of my children who has extra needs in terms of sensory processing and seeking and learning difficulties, we have used a lot of tools and aids to help. Our range of tried and tested toys/tools will only increase as we find success. I have found several suppliers that really resonate with me and the direction that I want to pursue for Eco Kinder, so I am excited to have many new products on board.
As a small Australian eco-minded business, I will always prioritise business with Australian suppliers, natural materials, and endeavor to reduce waste where possible. In some instances, for many reasons such as the product type, quality or availability of such items cannot be met in Australia, so these may be imported.
I will always take care when packing orders and will often re-use packaging (boxes) to reduce waste and expenses. All parcels will be sent with tracking details.

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