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In a world of plastic - be eco friendly

If you haven’t noticed the hype in the media, documentaries by Sir David Attenborough, 
China rejecting our rubbish (how dare they!),
turtles with straws stuck up their noses,
whales found beached with 30kg of plastic in their bellies,
the Swedish school student refusing to go to school because her future is in jeopardy...

...well they are all true stories and highlight the problem we are facing today.

 We have built ourselves a "Convenience society" as I like to call it.

Why can you buy single peeled hard-boiled eggs in a little plastic box? Because we’ve asked for it… even if we didn’t, someone there has supported it by buying it off the shelf…

Why can you buy packs of corn in a plastic tray wrapped in plastic that are half peeled when their natural skin (the hairy stuff and all) is enough protection?!


REFUSE TO BUY THIS STUFF, and guess what?! The shops will stop ordering it and the producers will stop making it.

There’s power in numbers!

When consumers demand wishes become true!

Look at the hype about Woolworth Ooshies and their short lived (waste) effect, and now Woolies are releasing seed pots soon! Kids can start their own little garden and learn about plants!

It works, let’s try it!

Let’s start my buying (demanding) the natural, bare, naked produce!

And dont forget your organic cotton produce bags! 

Go on, go get a nude zucchini!

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