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Carrot Cake Spice Milk Bath 250g
Carrot Cake Spice Milk Bath 250g

Carrot Cake Spice Milk Bath 250g

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If you love a nice piece of warm carrot cake then this is for you!

This milk bath contains soothing calendula petals as well as the signature blend of coconut milk, colloidal oats & all-natural salts (including Epson salt, Himalayan pink salt & Natural Bokekk Dead Sea salt).

This blend contains a body-safe fragrance and is dairy-free.

Just sprinkle the desired amount under warm running water and enjoy.


* This is a lovingly handmade product, please give it a shake before use as ingredients may settle on its journey from me to you.

As with all new products, always patch test for skin sensitivity and seek medical advice before use for the following; allergies, pregnancy, breast-feeding, medical conditions etc.

Photo may not be of actual product