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Yoga Bear by Sarah Jane Hinder
Yoga Bear by Sarah Jane Hinder

Yoga Bear by Sarah Jane Hinder

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The best way to learn yoga is with animals! This is a sweet little yoga board book. You and your child can have some fun learning new yoga poses and creating time for mindfulness.
Writer and illustrator Sarah Jane Hinder presents a fun, easy-to-learn yoga flow for babies, toddlers, and other early readers. Colourful and expressive illustrations guide your child to relax and breathe gently as they pose as the animals do. Illustrations include Bear,  Monkey, Tiger, Sloth, and Crocodile.
Countless studies have shown that reading with children in their formative years plants the seeds of lifelong literacy, creativity, curiosity, and appreciation for language. And it's never too early to start fostering a love of exercise and a respect for one's body with movement practices like yoga.